Be the company that rises above the noise

The ability to differentiate “music” from “noise” is an important key to success.  

Know your audience.

Truly get to know the needs and desires of your customers. Don’t simply sell or provide a service. How do our customers define noise? What can we provide that they need? What can we do that they can’t? If we are consistent, relevant and impactful, we will recognize and respond to each of those questions quickly.

Genuinely listen, understand, and focus on goals and outcomes that will solve problems. This is seldom simple or easy. Keep in mind that noise may indicate important shifting trends or changes in customer needs. When you slow down enough to figure out what matters, you are more likely to come up with the kind of succinct, original solutions that will inherently leverage many moving parts.

Social Media has become an important tool in staying informed and current. Today, people expect us to intuitively know what they need; and those needs change quickly. Whether perception is reality or reality is perception, there is a digital divide between generations, cultures and other customer segments. The more we connect digitally, the more we feel disconnected in person. We need to be present in both worlds. If we are not dedicating time to listen to and be attentive to both sides, we will miss opportunities.

Be the company that knows what customer’s need. When the noise rises, determine what happened, fix it, learn from your mistake/s and proceed with the confidence garnered from informed options and the resulting decisions. Build a community and a network that celebrates when we get it right (and accept that no one always gets it right).

Whether we are owners, employees, vendors or customers, we need to triage incoming messages and signals and expect the same of the companies and customers with which we engage.

Promote and inspire music but address the noise effectively and we will benefit from opportunities and loyal relationships plus grow a company that will be competitive, memorable and sustainable.

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