Building relationships-worth the investment

I learned early on that relationships make the world go around. Everyone lived a distinct life in their distinct house with their distinct family. I watched my father build houses, which included hiring masons, electricians, plumbers, and other contractors who worked together toward the common goal of getting the house built. Their work was distinct, but they shared the ultimate goal of building a house they could be proud of. Those contractors that tended to be unhappy, were also frequently late, did not show up at all, or were unmotivated and unproductive. They slowed down the job. Everyone else suffered. The contractors who whistled while they worked (literally) made everyone else want to come to work, including me. Houses were built faster.

I said something about this to my grandfather, who worked with my father. He looked at me like I had spoken another language and turned away silently. Am I the only person who noticed this? He had no response because he didn’t know what to say. He was part of a generation that did not understand job satisfaction and how it impacted a final product.

Today, the importance of employee satisfaction is becoming a recognized benchmark for companies of all sizes. It’s true! Satisfied employees are engaged in what they do and happy to be there. They leave their distinct personal lives to, ideally, bring distinct skill sets to an employer/company where everyone shares the vision and goals. Too often, communication breaks down, habit takes precedence over innovation… one person stops whistling or products become more important than people.

We’ve enjoyed opportunities, over the past year and a half, to help people and companies determine what was broken, what had stalled or where communication needed to be reinvigorated. Employee engagement is a part of what we do, but we offer much more and so many of these services share similar foundations. It’s all about relationships, engagement, satisfaction and, as often as possible, happiness. Thank you to the businesses who have asked us to help them, and thank you to the people who believed that their employees and customers are worth investing in.

My ultimate infinite vision is to help professionals and businesses find their path to success. What brought me here? A lifetime of growth, transition and change. I was raised by entrepreneurial parents and surrounded by innovative and eccentric grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. No one and nothing was an obstacle to achieving goals. We made jelly out of wild grapes and pickles out of garden cucumbers. There is so much more to that story. Maybe next time… until then…

Welcome to Infinite Vision.

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