Employee Engagement

What makes us Different?

  1. We recognize that your success is our success. Our signature is that we give your company our undivided attention. Whether we conduct focus groups, act as or assist your Human Resources Department or bring qualified candidates into key positions, we will help you transform your business into a vibrant, cohesive organization.
  2. We listen. The most effective way to ensure business goals is to listen and understand your employee and customer base. After working with key stakeholders to refine your company or project goals, we interview employees and customers to assure clear communication and relevant growth.
  3. We deliver a plan that becomes your solution.
    Based on your distinct needs, we provide and help you implement simple, innovative efficiencies, changing the way you are perceived internally and externally producing measurable results.



Engaged Employees are Happy Employeesemployee engagement

  • Improve your bottom line
  • Ensure measurable efficiencies
  • Attract the best and brightest talent
  • Keep your customers happy

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Employee Engagement

Your solution may include:

  1. Conduct sales and/or customer service training
  2. Identify and write state and federal grants for the benefit of employees and other initiatives
  3. Enlist local and state legislators-building these relationships can affect your business inside and out
  4. Establish (SMART) measurable systems with achievable outcomes

People who’ve worked with us say…

Christine’s leadership and consulting skills gave me the insight and confidence to make changes and take chances. It took her six months to break down internal silos that plague all restaurants. She got employee conversations going and created a climate where we communicate. We established human resource standards and have seen a measurable increase in corporate customer engagement. Within nine months, our overall profits increased by 20%.

Alina EisenhauerExecutive Chef Alina Eisenhauer
Sweet Kitchen & Bar

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Our Success Formula

engaged employees + consistent systems = loyal customers & higher revenue

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employee engagement
employee engagement
employee engagement
employee engagement
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