First Steps

It’s taken me a while to know how to answer when someone asks, “What do you do?” I consult.

That is always the first step.  You have to live and learn enough, ask enough questions, make enough mistakes, find the right path… then you consult. You have to listen more than you speak. I write, analyze, suggest, network, build, connect and advise.

Some conversations are easier than others. I’m an objective observer and a catalyst.  It’s true; I’ve been accused of asking more questions than a five year old. After an initial consultation, a business owner may come up with the answer/s on their own. More often, there’s a project, a vision, a concern or a new, unfamiliar challenge that our clients need to discuss, unpack and resolve. It’s our privilege to bring in a variety of unique expertise that gets results.

Getting this website together has been a labor of love.

My colleague (and cousin), Scott has advised me multiple times to minimize my use of the word “happy”.  He’s right, of course (my cousin is very smart). Happy is a relative term and completely subjective. “Content and satisfied” are more achievable and measureable- individually and as a team. I still sneak in the occasional “happy”. Who doesn’t want more happiness?

Shelley’s energy and enthusiasm motivates me. She kindly and covertly pushes you to get things done. You realize later that she was being a sweet drill-sergeant. She would put her foot down hard if you tried to walk away.

We consult and work on things related to relationships.  If, after consultation, we uncover an issue that relates to a physical asset (truck fleet, manufacturing equipment, computer software/hardware, accounting policies), we may refer you to contractors who will help you fix your problem.

We are a talented and eclectic team who believe in individuality, progression, teamwork and engagement.  A friend, when discussing our website launch, said “Congratulations!  Launching must be like giving birth with less rearing.”  That’s a great analogy, except that “rearing” is exactly what we will do with this baby every day.

Watch for an invitation over the next couple of weeks to our “Launch Party”.  We look forward to your help and engagement as we rear our, (and possibly your) projects, and celebrate as often as possible.

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